I’m not sure if anyone is following this saga or not, but just in case anyone is, here’s the latest.

I updated the name server entry for two of my domains hosted with 1&1, nearly 2 weeks ago, because I’m in the process of transitioning some of my websites over to my own VPS hosting.  Instead of updating the whois database with the correct information, I was locked out of the domains with a useless “an update is pending” message.

After 5 days of repeatedly contacting their “technical” support, finally shaming them via Twitter yesterday, I received the following message this morning:

“As we have verified from our Administrators, NTLDs are not supported as nameservers (ie. ns.heartinternet.uk ns2.heartinternet.uk). We would advise that you use non-nTLD as the name servers of our domain. We sincerely apologize for the delay and for the inconvenience.”

In other words, for no reason at all, their software doesn’t accept the perfectly valid .uk domain name as a name server entry.  This isn’t mentioned in any of their documentation, it took them 5 days to tell me that, and still I am locked out of changes via their control panel in order to change it to something else.

This is a bug with their control panel.  It should accept any valid domain name, but even if it has a broken idea of what a correct domain name is, it should throw up an error message if it isn’t able to accept an entry.  Even if that fails, their “admins” should diagnose and fix a serious error like this within a few hours, not 5 days.  Software that locks up from invalid input is a basic error, one that would embarrass a computer science undergraduate.  They should be offering me a year’s free hosting for revealing such a serious bug in their software, not just telling me to use a different name server, as if the fault is with me.

I had been considering keeping a couple of Exchange hosted mailboxes with 1&1 after moving most of my hosting over to my VPS server.  There is no way I’m doing that now…