So this has become my intermittent tech rant blog, today EE is in the firing line.  I managed to fall off the end of two mobile contracts at the beginning of the year.  I had a nice “all you can eat” phone/data contract with Three, which is now discontinued (presumably they didn’t realise just how much some people would “eat”).  My wife had a T-Mobile contract grandfathered in to EE.  So it seemed sensible to convert Katie to one of the new EE contracts and get myself an EE Sim on one of their second line deals that are rather good value for money.

I placed the order.  And waited.  And waited some more – usually phones or SIMs get sent out next day delivery.  When I phoned EE I was told that they couldn’t fulfil the order because I placed both on the same day (?!), so rather than contact me, or put the main SIM change through and cancel the second line SIM the first one was up and running, they just silently cancelled the order.  Of course.  It took not one, but three phone calls to finally get the two SIMs sent to me, and I still had to wait for the second one a good few days after the first, in the meantime paying another £40 to Three because I’m off-contact.

So after that experience, I was then cold-called with a very good offer to switch my home phone and broadband from BT to EE.  I should have said no, I really should.  But I thought – what could go wrong?  They’re actually now owned by BT, they don’t really provide broadband anyway, just resell BT Infinity under another name.  So I took the offer and placed the order.  And waited.  And waited.  Then I got a letter from BT saying that my home phone had been taken over but not my broadband, so I would now be changed to the (of course more expensive) BT Infinity Option 2.  So I called EE, they explained that they actually can’t provide the fasted fibre optic broadband in my area because “the box has run out of slots”.  Really?  OK then.  So what did they do?  Cancel the order and let me know?  No, they took over my phone line anyway and told me nothing.

I’d like to say avoid EE, but I suspect that anyone could have exactly the same experience with any of the telecoms companies as they’re all pretty useless.  On the plus side, BT were happy to take the line back over and have actually given me a discount on the broadband so I’ll end up paying less.  I can’t imagine things getting better when BT take over EE.