Please note: my hosting plans are all a work in progress, everything here is subject to change, but it does give an indication of the direction I’m heading in.

The vision of Brighterlouder is to provide web hosting and email services for small businesses and charities who would otherwise be stuck with poor quality budget hosting.  The idea is to have a shared server just like many small enterprises have shared office space – someone might be the landlord, but everyone chips in for the rent and agrees to behave responsibly and help look after the place.  It’s a relational community first and a business agreement second.

With this in mind I’ve come up with three different types of web hosting:

1. Just give me some space

You get a password to your own private control panel and your own private space on the server (exact size in GB to be discussed).  You’re responsible for managing that space and any problems that occur with your website are up to you.  You need to install your own content management software and setup your own backup solution.

I will set up limits on disk usage and site traffic, if you hit those limits you’ll get warning emails and eventually your site will be blocked whilst we sit and and decide together what to do.

Total freedom.

2. Help me organise the furniture

I will sort out some of the technical aspects e.g. installing something like WordPress for you, making sure that backups are being made of your webspace, I might even design the site for you if that’s what we agree up front.  I’ll continue to monitor for any technical issues that arise, and I will install essential security updates if you’re using a content management system like WordPress.

You will be responsible for the content of the site, and any upgrades to the design or functionality of your website will be your responsibility or a paid job for me or someone else.  If you make changes to your site and it breaks, it’s up to you to fix it, and I might charge you if you need my help.

If you’re starting to use a lot of disk space or you’re hammering the server because your website is so popular, we’ll talk about it and consider raising your fees (so I can upgrade the server to cope) or I’ll help you to optimise your site.

3. Sit at the desk and run the show

This is really reserved for the few charities that I have decided to personally support.  If you want this for your business, I will need paying a fair retainer.  I will design the site, look after everything, deal with any issues that come up.  I might even lock you out of the admin pages so you can’t break anything.

I will do all of the heavy lifting to keep things working right and adapt the site so it works for you in the future.  Major redesigns would still be a paid extra, but you’ll get a lot of adaptations and all troubleshooting included with the monthly fee.

I’ll worry about server resources, and you won’t need to worry about disk space or site traffic unless you’re turning into a mega-corporation.

Some idea of costs

The figures I’ve put below are representative.  My vision is to support businesses and charities to grow, so I don’t want to set unrealistic charges.  Equally I want to cover my costs and maybe earn enough to upgrade or replace my laptop every so often and maybe take my wife out for a slap-up meal.  Everything is negotiable,  and I’m open to barter if you have a service that would benefit me.

Setup charges

Option 1 would be free to setup.

Option 2 and 3 depends on what you need – for charities and businesses that I want to support, I might be willing to setup a simple site for free or the price of a meal out!  For businesses that want the whole package then we need to talk about the cost of designing a full scale business website, or you might want to employ your own designer who then hands the site over to me.  A minimum charge for designing a basic website (similar to this one) would be £500.  Major redesigns would attract a similar fee.

Monthly charges

Option 1: business £8-12, charity £5-10

Option 2: business £10-15, charity £8-10

Option 3: business £40+, charity £25+