I’ve been really impressed by the way Chauvet have supported me in servicing an out of production fixture.  I’m often moaning about companies on these pages so I thought it would be nice to compliment one instead!

I bought a set of 4 Chauvet Q-Spot LED 360’s (AKA Showtec Indigo 4600) from eBay, and stupidly didn’t check them all before leaving with the goods – I was in a hurry – but it was particularly stupid as the same thing happened to me before Christmas with another set of Q-Spots which took weeks to sort out and eventually I sent back.

Anyway.  One of the Q-Spots was effectively dead on arrival – the power lights went on but nothing happened, no self-test etc..  I decided to swap out the main board from another fixture and found that it was indeed a faulty main board.  Bizarrely, the prism was also missing but no sign of damage or broken glass.

I had always been under the impression that Chauvet are an importer of OEM Chinese goods that are pretty similar to those sold from the other budget manufacturers i.e. Showtec, American DJ etc..  But, on the off chance, I gave their UK office a call.  The phone was answered straight away and I spoke to someone in their service department.  A new board cost me £35 and a prism is on its way (that cost £0.35!).  Very impressive.  And the fixture’s now working.