Well I had fun today tearing down my VPS server, reinstalling the default image of the operating system and then restoring websites from backups.  I hadn’t *quite* intended to do that today, but I deliberately tried some changes to the configuration which I knew would be risky, and would never do once the server is in production use with other people’s websites.

Well, the site is back up, as you can see.  It’s all working and I’ve learnt a lot.  And the backups work, so it’s all good.  There was a hiccup on the Heart Internet side of things (they provide the VPS server) which meant I had to raise a support ticket, but I was impressed that someone who actually knew what they were talking about got back to me very quickly.

On the negative side, I’m very glad that I’ve decided to move away from 1&1.  Their ‘all you can eat’ style hosting packages sound too good to be true, and they really are.  Generally I’ve found their support to be terrible.  You can speak to someone on the phone quite quickly, a feature which they make a big deal about on their advertising.  The problem is, that person can’t do anything other than type your query in to a box to raise a support ticket and knows nothing about their system – so actually less useful than an online support ticket system.  I’ve now been waiting more than a week for a resolution to a bug in their system which is preventing the update of name server information for 2 domains.