The Chauvet Q-Spot 260 / Showtec Indigo 4500 is a great little LED fixture that punches well above its weight.  Unfortunately the LEDs have a habit of failing, particularly in the earlier batches.  There’s a bit of information online about replacing the LED module, but no definitive guide that I could find.  So here’s me taking a stab.


  • Luminus Devices CST-90 compatible LED module
  • Thermal Heatsink compound
  • Small cable ties / zip ties


  • Crosshead screwdriver
  • Cloth or old toothbrush for cleaning
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Fine wire cutters / snips

The LED modules used to be widely available but are now sadly obsolete.  I think I got the last couple that DigiKey had in stock to repair my units.  There are, however, several examples on  AliExpress at the moment.  I’ve no idea how these copies measure up, but you certainly won’t get a better fixture for under $600, so I think $45 is worth a stab.  Please comment on this article if you find a good source.

Repair process

  1. remove top and bottom head shell
  2. remove the three outer screws holding fan cover (the inner screws link the fan to the fan cover)
  3. lift the fan cover up and balance it over the top – you may need to cut some cable ties to release enough cable length
  4. remove the three screws holding the heatsink down
  5. remove the orange and black wires attached to the LED module under the heatsink (blue arrow on photo) then turn heatsink over
  6. remove the two screws holding the LED module onto the heat sink
  7. clean off all of the old thermal compound, apply some new compound and put your new unit in

The first and last photos show the difference in light output compared to a repaired fixture.  You can see the blackening of the LED module in the last but one photo.