I’ve set up a couple of WordPress-based sites for friends to help with their business or ministry, and thought it’s about time I did something for myself.

I’m a 30-something medical doctor, married, expecting our first child.  In my spare time, since I was about 15, I’ve dabbled with technology.  Usually it’s been with something creative in mind to serve my local church or a charity or community group.  I’ve built computer networks, PCs, websites and telephone systems.  I’ve setup and programmed lighting rigs from a few spotlights on a stand to several hundred fixtures in a proper theatre.  I’ve sound engineered and helped record the odd EP and been the production manager for some largish events and conferences.  Occasionally I’ve been paid, usually I’ve had a good time, and worked with some amazing people.

I’m passionate about using technology to communicate the Christian Gospel, to bring together communities and to facilitate work in poorer communities and less developed countries.  I’m a firm believer in DIY, but not afraid to spend money for smart kit that will do a great job.  I think tools should be fit for their purpose, and should release people with big ideas rather than wasting time and and talent fighting with kit that doesn’t do what its supposed to do.

My aim with this site is to share some of the ideas, successes and failures that I’ve experienced over the years and maybe encourage and inspire someone else.  Maybe no-one will read it, or maybe we can get a few people together and have a good conversation.